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Vinyl Flooring



Flooring Dubai

  • Healthcare and laboratories Flooring materials is expected to be safe, aesthetically pleasing, aid in infection prevention, and if such a material is cost effective, durable and need less upkeep, then it is one of the perfect flooring materials for them.
  • Vinyl Flooring Dubai, Vinyl Flooring Abu Dhabi is such a flooring material and hence finds use in almost every conceivable floor space within the hospital and laboratories across UAE and Dubai.
  • This flooring material is resistant to water, diluted acids, detergents which makes it an ideal flooring material for hospitals, clinics as well as laboratories.

Vinyl Flooring Dubai

  • This high strength resilient flooring is available in roll and tile forms making it easy to install although we suggest that professional help is engaged.
  • It provides ease of maintenance, reduces sound impact, is safe from slips and does not favour bacterial or fungal growth.
  • At Carpet Dubai, we have a vast range designs, patterns and colours, we are sure our Experts can help you choose the best patterns and shades that suits and satisfies your need or they will help in customization such a thickness and patterns so that it meets your intended requirement.
  • Buy Vinyl flooring Dubai & PVC flooring that is used within nurseries, hospitals and laboratories across UAE and Dubai.
  • We do Supply & Installation. CALL NOW 056-600-9626. our executive and experts will present you the samples with no obligation to buy. You can also mail us at sales@carpetsdubai.com in case you have a customized requirement and request for free quote.

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