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Self Leveling

Self levelling

A self leveling compound is a substance blend used to smooth uneven concrete or wooden floors. It is perfect for filling plunges in wooden floors or for smoothing solid ones. It is imperative to have an even-surfaced floor when intending to put earthenware tiles or whatever other floor materials in light of the fact that uneven surfaces make tiles break.
The floor ought to be steady before applying a self-leveling compound. With solid floors, this is not really an issue, yet with wooden sub-floors, the errand might be practically difficult to deal with. In the event that a wooden sub-floor moves when you venture on it, a self-level compound won’t not be the best choice: it will break. Besides, the floor should be cleaned from tidy and earth before applying a self-leveling compound.
Before setting the self-leveling compound, it is basic to apply a brush or two of groundwork. Along these lines, you will guarantee a strong bond for the self-leveling compound.

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