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Are you looking for the best quality Axminster carpets available in Dubai? Carpetsdubai.com is the store to look out for. We import the best quality authentic ax minster carpets all the way from the United Kingdom. Axminster carpets Dubai are widely used in places which are meant to be presentable and lavish, some of which include wedding halls, conference rooms, five star hotels, or luxurious villas and palaces. Carpetsdubai.com stands apart from the other suppliers with its unmatched service and the ability to customize the products according to the customer’s needs. We care about the safety of the customers as well so all the carpets and rugs sold at carpetsdubai.com come with an anti-fire coating. We have a widest variety of designs to choose from, you can also browse through other flooring products such as vinyl carpets, wall to wall carpets, wooden flooring and parquet flooring. At carpetsdubai.com we also provide customized ax minster carpets according to the requirement of the customers. We also provide customized axminster and fire rated carpets Dubai according to the customers requirement. For more details please CALL NOW 056-600-9626. our Executive and experts will present you the samples with no obligation to buy. You can also mail us at sales@carpetsdubai.com in case you have a customized requirement and request for free quote.
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